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FAQ Page

These are our most commonly asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for here, just give us a call!

Most Common Questions

What Do I Bring?

We supply everything you need to get out on the water including life jackets. If your bringing kids 6 or under, you need to bring a life jacket that fits them correctly.

We do recommend bringing a towel and a change of shorts or something because your butt will get wet!

What if the weather is bad?

The weather in Florida can change in an instant, so we are always keeping an eye on it. If it's too windy, lighting, or pouring down rain we will cancel tours for the evening and try to reschedule you. If we can't reschedule you, we will refund you.

How far do we go?

You only go as far as you are comfortable with. You can stay right around the lake or venture out into the bay. The less you paddle the more you see, so if you come back tired you did it all wrong! 

Is this a guided tour?

Our tours are unguided, which means you have free roam of the lake and you'll be advised on where you can go in the bay during your safety brief.

Can I bring a speaker?

Absolutely, we love having music out on the water, just be respectful of the other people out on the water with you.

Is it kid Friendly?

Yes! Kids love being able to go out and see all the marine life in the water.

Can we bring Alcohol?

No, we have a strict no alcohol policy. If you show up intoxicated, we have the right to turn you away and not refund your adventure.

How many people fit?

Our kayaks fit two people, but you can easily handle them by yourself. Our Paddleboards fit one person, but if you have a small child (6 or under) they can fit on the board with you, but don't forget to bring a life jacket for them!

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